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Mullins for Workers

Mullins for Workers

Who: Shawn Mullins
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Sunday August 29, 1999

GEORGIAN folk-tinged rocker SHAWN MULLINS will perform at the Newcastle Workers Club on Sunday, August 29.

Tickets will go on sale this Friday, July 23.

During a promotional visit in May, Mullins, 31, told a South Australian newspaper that his success had come after 10 years as an independent artist.

The single LULLABY went platinum in Australia, selling more than 70,000 copies and reaching number three on the Australian singles charts.

'I never get sick of hearing Lullaby played on the radio,' Mullins said.

'I always feel kinda grateful when I hear it because for 10 years, I was on a whole other level.

'I love hearing it and I love that it moves people the way it does.'

The second single SHIMMER, from the album SOUL'S CORE, has emulated the success of Lullaby.

Mullins' profile in Australia has risen since he performed on HEY HEY IT'S SATURDAY, in May and from extensive airplay on VIDEO HITS and RAGE. 'I'm signing a lot of autographs in airports here,' he said.

'I love Australia and I'm going to come back as many times as I can. I really am attracted to this place.

'I feel like Australians have a similar vibe to Georgians.

'People seem to be really laid-back.' TE

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