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Rock Down to Skin and Bone

Rock Down to Skin and Bone

Who: The Angels, Rose Tattoo
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Thursday August 6, 1998

IT will be a night of classic hard rock to rival even the recent sold out show by SCREAMING JETS at the Newcastle Workers Club.

A double bill featuring THE ANGELS and ROSE TATTOO, at the Newcastle Workers Club on August 6, will shake the foundations at the Workers Club.

THE ANGELS front man DOC NEESON said the group was enjoying a great response to its latest album SKIN & BONE. Neeson said the album, which hearkened back to the days of FACE TO FACE, proved that audiences were returning to rock music in droves.

'One of the reasons we're calling the album SKIN & BONE is because it's back to basics,' he said.

During a month-long promotional trip in May, the group played the whole album as its set, with old favourites brought out for the encore.

'In a way I'm proud of the band because I think it's a pretty ballsy move to go out and do a whole set,' he said.

'If anything the problem is that we've got 12 albums to choose from and can't fit every song into one set.'

THE ANGELS will be on the road with ROSE TATTOO for the first time with bass player IAN RILEN who quit the band in 1977.

Rose Tattoo will release ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE, a single recorded in 1981 but never released, with a GREATEST HITS compilation NICE BOYS DON'T PLAY ROCK AND ROLL. Tatts' front man ANGRY ANDERSON said the return of Rilen would complete the original band lineup, except for original drummer DALLAS ROYAL who died in 1989.

Anderson said he regarded Rilen as one of the best bass players in the country.

'It's like the first time you hear the tyrannosaurus rex howl in Jurassic Park,' he said.

'He's got all that low sting in it, but it's almost like you expect it to go into this blood-curdling shriek, but it never actually gets there.'

It will be ROSE TATTOO'S first re-union since it was asked to support GUNS'N'ROSES at Eastern Creek in 1993.

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