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Singer Enjoys The Fruit Of Training

Singer Enjoys The Fruit Of Training

Who: Juicy Fruit
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Saturday August 27, 2005

WHEN Lauren Wheatley was a child she just would not stop singing or dancing.

The little girl with brown hair would sing and dance just about anywhere.

But there was one problem faced by her parents Janelle and Gerard.

She, like most little girls, had no control over the pitch of her voice.

So, for the sake of their hearing, they sent their daughter to Newcastle's Johnny Young Talent School.

More than 10 years later, Wheatley, 18, of Redhead, is now a qualified singer and dancer.

When TE contacted her last week, she was in Sydney taking lessons at the reputable Brent Street Studios.

Wheatley said she was glad she had received the training and said she was now confident she would become a professional entertainer.

``I'm a bit musically inclined, I enjoy singing and dancing,'' Wheatley said.

``I enjoyed doing Grease at the Newcastle Civic Theatre in 2001.

``I'd love to one day go into theatre or get into that type of genre.

"I'm just hoping to go down that path and make a career of it.'' Her band Juicy Fruit also includes Kim Pink (saxaphone), Craig Lembke (saxpahone), Pete Lydiard (drums), Theresa McGowan (keyboard, backing vocals), Chris Denvers (bass) and Jason Winn (guitar).

Wheatley said she joined the band to develop her talents.

``Kim Pink was my music teacher at school and he approached me at the start of the year and asked whether I wanted to join the band,'' Wheatley said.

``It has been great to perform with the band, they're really amazing musicians.'' McGowan said the band had played at weddings, corporate functions, in pubs and clubs and at private shows for media mogul Kerry Packer.

Juicy Fruit will play at Newcastle Panthers on Saturday.

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