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Violent Femmes

Violent Femmes

Who: Violent Femmes
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Saturday April 26, 2003

EVERYBODY went along to see the Violent Femmes at ClubNova Panthers Newcastle on April 26.

There were fans of all ages, from pubescent teenage boys to 30-somethings who had worshipped the band when they were teens.

Younger fans may have been a little shocked by the band's appearance, with one fan overheard saying that the band looked ``older than expected.

'' But the first note of frontman Gordon Gano distinctly nasally voice made it obvious why the Femmes have continued to attract fans even after 23 years.

It was the band's first appearance in Newcastle and the band opened the show with Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.

Plenty of people seemed to know each and every word and as the show went on, they continued to sing along.

Fans didn't even have to wait until the encore to hear the track which propelled the band into cult status, Blister In the Sun.

The distinct double thump beat received a huge cheer and the entire crowd sang along with Gano.

Because the Femmes have seldom released new material in the past decade, it meant that they spent more time concentrating on the stuff that had given them cult status.

Oldies like Gimme The Car and Kiss Off were big favorites but it was Add It Up that most had been waiting for.

One fan even had part of the chorus scrawled across his head in black pen reading ``why can't I get just one .

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