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Leading Lights Ignite Deadstar

Leading Lights Ignite Deadstar

Who: Deadstar, The Whitlams, Polyanna
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Thursday December 23, 1999

DEADSTAR has been a bit of an all-star collaboration since the release of the group's first self-titled album in 1996.

Playing at the Newcastle Workers Club tomorrow night with THE WHITLAMS and POLLYANNA, Deadstar features BARRY PALMER on guitar, formerly of Hunters & Collectors.

Sultry, fragile and soulful vocalist CAROLINE KENNEDY fronts the group, which also includes one-time CROWDED HOUSE drummer PETER JONES and guitarist MICHAEL DEN ELZEN. Bass player PETER MCCRACKEN joined the band after the six-month stint of Crowded House bassist NICK SEYMOUR. In September Deadstar released SOMEWHERE OVER THE RADIO, the follow up to 1997's MILK album, and the single RUN BABY RUN which has received commercial radio air play.

'It was really produced well for radio, I think,' Kennedy says.

'I like the way it sounds anyway but it's just got all that high gloss double vocal thing happening. I like it a lot.'

The latest single DEEPER WATER is getting plenty of commercial air play too.

'Deeper Water came out of a rehearsal situation with the disco beat and one of Baz's riffs. We were pretty interested in recapturing a 70s punk-gloss-type thing, I suppose,' Kennedy said.

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