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Good Thirty Years

Good Thirty Years

Who: George Thorogood and the Destroyers
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Friday March 18, 2005

HE is Bad to the Bone and he will be back in Australia with his band for his first tour since 1996.

GEORGE THOROGOOD AND THE DESTROYERS will arrive in March to celebrate 30 years as one of the world's top rock'n'roll acts.

In the early years, the Destroyers had the chance to open for their idols including HOWLIN' WOLF, MUDDY WATERS and HOUND DOG TAYLOR. The encouragement they received from the bands and audiences fuelled their enthusiasm to continue. But it wasn't until the band was approached by BILL GRAHAM on behalf of the ROLLING STONES to open a series of dates that things really started to happen.

The Destroyers would have been happy to continue on the road with the Stones indefinitely except for one thing an American tour that would eventually go into the history books as the 50-50 TOUR. It took the band to every state in the US on a 50-day tour.

With more than 3000 live shows under their belts and a formidable body of work that forms the foundation of their enduring popularity, George and The Destroyers have bottled a slice of this to release, George Thorogood and The Destroyers: The Best 30 Years of Rock. Featuring classics such as Bad to the Bone, One Scotch, One Bourbon and One Beer, Movin It On Over and I Drink Alone , the album is a taste of the band's live rock and blues power.

Thorogood summed up the Destroyers' musical odyssey with a tip of his cap to the loyal supporters who have made the band's journey possible.

``We'd never be in this position if it weren't for our fans,'' Thorogood said.

``They're the real reason we keep going and as long as they want us, we'll be there.'' George Thorogood and The Destroyers will perform at NEWCASTLE PANTHERS on Friday, March 18. Tickets are on sale now at the club and cost $50.

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