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Where East Meets West

Where East Meets West

Who: The Bronx
What: Showdown at Sundown
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Thursday October 21, 2004

DON'T be fooled by the name because punk outfit THE BRONX isn't from that notorious part of New York City, it's actually from Los Angeles.

So why did the four-piece choose such a name? ``Cause we're from LA,'' guitarist JOBY J. FORD said.

``In the US, the east coast thinks it's better than the west coast and vice versa, so we just basically went out there and ripped something off them to spite them, if you will.'' Ford formed The Bronx about two years ago with drummer JORMA VIK, vocalist MATT CAUGHTHRAN and bassist JAMES TWEEDY after each had played in, and split from, various LA bands.

Each had a few songs under their belt and once they threw them together it gave the four musicians enough reason to form a band.

The band recorded its debut self-titled album in a live setting and strictly allowed only three takes for each song, resulting in a rough and raw but undeniably honest recording.

``I think the true essence of music lies with feeling rather than precision, you know,'' Ford said.

``I mean, anybody can sit there and play something 150 times 'til they get it perfect, but by that time I think all the feeling is completely killed.'' The Bronx are in town this week to perform as part of SHOWDOWN AT SUNDOWN at NEWCASTLE PANTHERS tomorrow night.

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