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Harding Hot With Wasabi

Harding Hot With Wasabi

Who: Lee Harding
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Friday January 27, 2006

LOVE him or hate him, the real star to emerge out of last year's Australian Idol is Lee Harding. Harding placed third but has come out the clear winner with his number-one single Wasabi. While Idol winner Kate DeAraugo only remained at the top of the charts for a week with her single Maybe Tonight, Harding's tune was riding high at number one for five weeks straight.

``It's every artist's dream to have a number- one single,'' Harding said.

``I can't believe it happened so quickly for me.'' An album is due out next month.

Melbourne-born Harding was lucky to make it to the Idol auditions last year let alone become a finalist.

Dubbed the ``tropical fish'' by judge Mark Holden for his colourful hair, Harding made it to the auditions with only minutes to spare after sleeping in.

``I'd actually had my drink spiked the night before and woke up at 3pm the next day, the day of the auditions. ``I'd planned to get there early and queue, and I thought, you idiot. But I thought, no, stuff it, go! ``I ran all the way down there. I was the last person to audition for the day and the rest is history. I can't believe it actually happened.'' Harding has joined Idol counterpart Shannon Noll for a brief run of dates on his tour alongside fellow contestant Dan England. Harding will be performing the hit Wasabi and his punked- up version of Eye of the Tiger with his band Bedrock when the tour lands at Newcastle Panthers on Friday night.

Tickets to the all-ages show are available at the venue or by calling 4926 2700

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