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Impersonation of Roy Orbison Began Simply

Impersonation of Roy Orbison Began Simply

Who: Ultimate Tribute to Roy Orbison
Where: Newcastle Panthers
When: Friday November 2, 2001

EXPERIENCE the essence of the 'Big O' once again when Calvin Walker brings the famous falsetto crooner to life in the Ultimate Tribute to Roy Orbison. It is obvious that the voice of Roy Orbison would be a hard one to recreate, with his powerful voice and skill for reaching high notes.

But Walker has managed to perfect the sound of Orbison in a stunning stage show featuring all of the favourite Orbison classics.

Walker discovered his talent while performing in America after it was mentioned to him that he should consider becoming a Roy Orbison impersonator.

Walker was working on his own music when he was asked by Eddy Young Blood of the Elvis Show to do an Orbison spot in his Idolz In Concert show.

This spot eventually culminated in Walker's two-hour show.

A Tribute to Roy Orbison has been compared to the standard of a Las Vegas show and covers every detail of Orbison's vocals and guitar styles.

The show covers rockabilly, blues, pop and orchestral ballads with help from the King Creole backing band.

A Tribute to Roy Orbison will appear at ClubNova Newcastle on November 2.

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