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Eclectic Artist Beefs Things Up

Eclectic Artist Beefs Things Up

Who: Iota, Kat Frankie
Where: Gateway Hotel
Author: Jade Lazarevic
When: Saturday February 25, 2006

PHASE three of iOTA's album career is about to start and once again the eclectic singer-songwriter is following a different path.

This time he has beefed things up with an electric-based collection of songs.

``I've been playing the new songs live and they've been going really well.

Good reactions,'' iOTA said.

``It's a lot less acoustic guitar. It's not an acoustic-based album. There's heaps more electrics, clean electrics.

I'm just trying to get away from that rootsy kind of thing. There's so much of it, isn't there? ``I just want to go down a different road. I don't know what road that is but it's all sounding really cool.'' iOTA's last album, La Caravana , was released in 2003 and much of that period was spent performing with band The Lizardmen. But now they have gone too.

Instead iOTA has hooked up with The Church drummer Tim Powles, who has not only produced the forthcoming album but also played on the record.

He was introduced to Powles last year by his label manager and the pair hit it off instantly. They have spent much of the past 12 months working on the project. While the album has yet to be named, iOTA hopes the as-yet unnamed album will be released next month.

He will tour the album after its release but also hopes to head overseas this year to pick up some inspiration in New York City.

``I'm going to New York. I've wanted to go there since I was a kid. Sesame Street and just all those things that you think of, the Statue of Liberty and Broadway, I would just love to go there for a year, three months, six months, whatever.``I'd be happy just to be there for a week just to experience it. It would be so inspirational.``I've got friends who have moved over there as well and they keep telling me, `You've gotta get over here, it's so you,' and I go, `I know!'``I think I could easily pack up and go. It'd be fun.'' iOTA will preview tracks from the new album with a solo show at the Gateway Hotel on Saturday night with support from Kat Frankie. Tickets are $12 at the venue or bigtix.com.au

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