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1200 Techniques - Choose One

1200 Techniques - Choose One

Who: 1200 Techniques
Author: Jade Lazarevic

Sony Choose One is the name of the debut album from Melbourne's 1200 Techniques trio.

And if you have to choose one Australian hip hop album this year, it would be wise to make sure that it's this one.

The album kicks off with 1200's Theme and is a great introduction of what's to come on the rest of the album - bassy beats, funky samples and rapper Nfamas's skilful rhyming.

Electro Boogie Freaks takes a trip back to disco and is complete with electric riffs and bongo samples.

The albums' mellow single Karma proves the band has the ability to write a catchy commercial hit and the track could easily be mistaken for a US hip hop track.

The album could basically be separated into three categories - hip hop party jams, hip hop rock and breakbeats.

Tracks like Cool Down, Can't Stop use bouncing beats and tongue twisting raps. Battlemaster and See Me Rock dip into the breaks area and Rat City kicks in with a squealing Hendrix guitar lick.

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