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Keep an Eye out For Shutterspeed

Keep an Eye out For Shutterspeed

Who: Shutterspeed, The Daisycutters, Verona's Way
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
Author: Jade Lazerevic
When: Thursday November 29, 2001

IF there is one band in the business to keep your eye on at the moment, it is Shutterspeed. The band is being dubbed as the hottest thing to come out of Brisbane since Powderfinger and the track Good Little Monkey has received plenty of airplay on Triple J. Since the band got together in 1998 it has developed a strong following through its blend of slinky soul and raw rock.

Its debut album Hill Street Views was released in September and the band has gone on to received critical acclaim for it.

But the band believes the success of the album and its appeal had a lot to do with the work of producer Jeff Lovejoy. 'I think to make an album successful, as well as the music and the songwriting, it largely depends on the person who's recording it and producing it,' keyboardist Frank Roveta says.

'They've got to have an idea of how they want it to sound and how it's going to sound.'

'That's part of the sound of rock'n'roll.'

Shutterspeed will perform tracks from the new album at the Cambridge Hotel tomorrow night.

The group will be joined by The Daisycutters and Verona's Way.

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