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Sunny Days

Sunny Days

Who: Seseme Street Live
Where: Newcastle Entertainment Centre
Author: Jade Lazarevic
When: Monday October 6, 2003

FOR the past three decades children all over the world have shared the common afternoon ritual of tuning in to watch SESAME STREET.

The program is beamed into the homes of 148 countries including Cambodia, India, Nepal, Vietnam, Egypt, South Africa and Australia.

It has received a total of 85 Emmy Awards and is the 12th longest-running television show.

In 2003 Sesame Street is celebrating 30 years as the world's number-one children's television program.

Lovable characters like BIG BIRD, BERT, ERNIE, COOKIE MONSTER, GROVER and ELMO have warmed the hearts of millions of children worldwide while also offering them strong educational and moral values.

From friendship to discrimination, the creators of Sesame Street aim to present children with a broad range of issues that relate to their lives and their community.

To celebrate its 30-year milestone, Sesame Street is on tour again with a brand new stage show.

SESAME STREET LIVE made its debut in 1980 and has become the longest- running live stage tour for children.

In the past 20 years, more than 46million children and their parents have seen their favourite characters on stage in Sesame Street Live.

Like the television program, Sesame Street Live provides children with valuable messages through an enticing show filled with colourful characters, song and dance.

Sesame Street took its approach to the next level last year when it introduced a character suffering from AIDS into its South African stage show.

The character was created for the South African show to address the continent's ongoing problems with the disease and to help children to gain an understanding.

SESAME STREET WORKSHOP spokesperson BEATRICE CHOW said the creation of the character was an example of how the show aims to target specific issues in society.

``Sesame Street works with all of its partners to develop content specific to that country and that's what we do with broadcasters all over the world,'' Chow said.

Sesame Street Live will arrive at NEWCASTLE ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE next month in a brand new show titled LET'S BE FRIENDS.

The show will present a high-energy musical production filled with all of Sesame Street's most popular songs while dealing with the issues of friendship and discrimination.

All of Sesame Street's most loved characters will star in the production which follows Elmo and Zoe as they start an exclusive friendship club.

The club only allows monsters with orange or red fur but they quickly discover the more Muppets the merrier their club becomes.

Sesame Street Live will appear at Newcastle Entertainment Centre on October 6 and 7.

Tickets are on sale now from TICKETEK on 4921 2121.

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