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Newcastle Entertainment Centre

Brown Road
Broadmeadow 2292
Website: http://www.nentcent.com.au/

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Articles Featuring Newcastle Entertainment Centre

Artist or Event Title Publication Date
The Arena Spectacular  Well-Greased Show Returns 17/6/1998
Grease - The Arena Spectacular  Legends Team Up 29/7/1998
Knights Ball  Knights Rock On 30/9/1998
Michael Crawford  Some Stars do Have it 30/9/1998
The Wiggles  Wiggling Into a Win 18/11/1998
Shania Twain  Twain's Tragedy 25/11/1998
The Wiggles  Kids Flock to Hear Their Favourite Group 2/12/1998
America  America Still Needs You 9/12/1998
The Beach Boys  Win Beach Boys Video 16/12/1998
Shania Twain  Shania Giveaway 10/2/1999
Spiderbait  Web of Sounds 17/2/1999
Isaac Hayes  Isaac Cooks Again 21/4/1999
John Farnham  Farnham Still in Picture 21/4/1999
Burn the Floor  Dancers to Burn Floor 28/4/1999
Spirit of the Dance  A New Dance Beat 9/6/1999
The Afterthoughts  More Than Just an Afterthought 23/6/1999
Happy Days  Back to 50s in Mega Musical 29/9/1999
Willie Nelson  Country Legend Returns 10/11/1999
Bryan Adams  Never Far From the Top 12/1/2000
Daniel O'Donnell  Give Dan a Yell 12/1/2000
Shaolin Kung Fu Monks  Martial Monks Show Real Arts 2/2/2000
Sugar Ray  Little Ray of Sugar a Big Difference 9/2/2000
Judith Durham and the Seekers  Seeking More Success 1/3/2000
Tim Rice Concert  Sir Tim: The Tim Rice Spectacular 15/3/2000
Rugrats -Live and in Diapers  Rugrats Babies in Town 19/4/2000
Five  Five Live: 3/5/2000
Tom Jones  Legendary Tom Shows What it Takes 24/5/2000
Status Quo  Front Row status for Quo Show 13/9/2000
The Wiggles  Fun Foursome 6/12/2000
Sesame Street Live  Show Me How to Get Streets of Good Fun 20/6/2001
Stabbing Westward  Stabbing Westward on Cutting Edge of Sound 5/12/2001
Lady Salsa  The Show Lady Salsa 9/10/2002
Nickelback  Long Road For Canadians 24/3/2003
Katalyst  CD 8/4/2003
Olivia Newton John  Olivia 8/4/2003
Matchbox Twenty  Striking Their Sound 2/7/2003
Matchbox Twenty  Strike A Light 16/7/2003
Sesame Street Live  Sunny Days for Hunter 13/8/2003
Leann Rimes  Country Stars to Shine 13/8/2003
Marilyn Manson  The War Within 3/9/2003
Powderfinger  Hottest Tickets In The City Hit The Streets 24/9/2003
Fleetwood Mac  Potent Chemistry Doesn't Stop 24/9/2003
Seseme Street Live  Sunny Days 24/9/2003
Powderfinger  Rock Royalty Powers Ahead 15/10/2003
Meat Loaf  Class Act A Real Sizzler 15/10/2003
Live  Live Go Back To Former Place 22/10/2003
The Tremors  Support With a Sexy Promise 5/11/2003
Powderfinger  Streets Ahead 12/11/2003
Bryan Ferry  Legends Excite in Double Bill Magic 19/11/2003
Train  On Board 26/11/2003
Powderfinger  Feel the Power of the Powder 10/12/2003
The Wiggles  The Child Within 10/12/2003
Australian Idol  Idols Coming Our Way 17/12/2003
Meat Loaf  Meatloaf Better Than Ever 14/1/2004
Australian Idol 2003  Idol Moments 21/1/2004
The Counting Crows  Crows Can Count Money 4/2/2004
John Mayer  Success Bigger Than His Body Of Work 11/2/2004
Fleetwood Mac  Mac Attack With Strong Sounds 11/2/2004
Pink  Concert Dates to Add Colour 18/2/2004
Meat Loaf  Main Course 25/2/2004
Three Days Grace  Canada Invades 28/4/2004
Nickelback  Proud of Their Work 5/5/2004
The Dissociatives  Johns On Tour 5/5/2004
Disney On Ice  Skater Finds World An Ice Place To Visit 23/6/2004
Blink 182  Punk Trio Aims For Bigger and Better 25/8/2004
George Benson  Benson Still Has To Break The Rules 22/9/2004
Julio Iglesias  Sensual Style Still A Winner 29/9/2004
George Benson  Benson Done With Retiring 13/10/2004
Guy Sebastian  That Sebastian Guy Going Solo 20/10/2004
Missy Higgins  Tour Turns Into Celebration 23/2/2005
Grinspoon  Thrills, Kills On Pony Express 2/3/2005
Cher  Cher's Dazzling Extravaganza 9/3/2005
Jack Johnson  Laid-back Dreamer Wins Hearts 16/3/2005
Katalyst  Katalyst For Tracks Worth Remembering 23/3/2005
World Wrestling Entertainment - Wrestlemania Revenge Tour  Kane Able In World Wrestling 23/3/2005
Disney on Ice  Disney Princesses And Their Loves 18/5/2005
Space Magic  Hi-5 To Raise Hands 28/9/2005
Kelly Clarkson  Breaking Away From Idol Work 28/9/2005
Rogue Traders  Traders To Prove They Have Goods 9/11/2005
Rob Thomas  This Man Is Lonely No More 23/11/2005
Sneaky Sound System  Sneaky Sound System 30/11/2005
Pete Murray  Opportunity Knocks Yet Again For Prolific Pete 22/2/2006

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