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Proud of Their Work

Proud of Their Work

Who: Nickelback, Three Days Grace
Where: Newcastle Entertainment Centre
When: Friday May 7, 2004

WHEN Canadian rockers NICKELBACK released the single How You Remind Me back in 2002, it was almost impossible to turn on the radio without hearing the song.

The tune which topped the charts around the globe, including Australia, and placed the band's popularity on the same level as their contemporaries, MATCHBOX TWENTY. Two years after its release, How You Remind Me remains a radio staple and a favourite for the band's frontman CHAD KROEGER. ``That's our Hotel California ; our Stairway to Heaven . I'm still proud of that song,'' Kroeger said.

``I think I definitely had a little help from upstairs when it came to writing that one. I really admire the song.

``I distance myself from it and I can look at it and go, `Wow, it doesn't matter how you cut it, it's a catchy little ditty'.'' The success of the song helped shift more than 10 thmillion copies of the band's third album, Silver Side Up. When it came time for the four-piece to record the follow-up, The Long Road, the band was careful not to put too much pressure on themselves.

``You just try and make the best album you possibly can without trying to cater to the people who have album sales numbers and dollar signs in their eyes,'' guitarist RYAN PEAKE said. ``The way we had to look at it was let's just go into it with the same mindset as the last album. We didn't have all these outside factors and forces before so let's not let them dictate how we should approach this.'' Nickelback has already proved that the success of Silver Side Up wasn't just luck - the album has been certified Double Platinum in Australia alone and spawned the hit singles Someday and Figured You Out.

Nickelback will perform at NEWCASTLE ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE on Friday night during their Australian national tour with support from Canadian newcomers THREE DAYS GRACE. Tickets are on sale from TICKETEK on 4921 2121 or via www.ticketek.com.au

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