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Canada Invades

Canada Invades

Who: Three Days Grace, Nickelback
Where: Newcastle Entertainment Centre
When: Friday May 7, 2004

CANADIAN band THREE DAYS GRACE is climbing the Australian charts with its debut single I Hate Everything About You. Judging by the title, it's no wonder frontman and chief songwriter ADAM GONTEIR has been described by some listeners as ``dark.'' But Gonteir insists music is simply a form of expression for him and the reason his lyrics are sometimes perceived as harsh is because he tends to write when he's feeling a little aggressive.

``People think that because of our lyrics, I'm a dark person,'' Gonteir said.

``But I mostly write songs when I'm pissed off. So that's what people see.'' It obviously hasn't tarnished the band's appeal, as Three Days Grace has created major buzz in Canada and the US.

The four-piece, comprising Gonteir, bass player BRAD WAIST, drummer NEIL SANDERSON, guitarist BARRY STOCK , is set to take on Australia to support fellow Canadian band NICKELBACK on tour next month.

Originally from Norwood, Ontario, Three Days Grace released its self- titled debut album through JIVE RECORDS in 2003, moulding melodic choruses with hard-edged rock.

Gonteir grew up with Waist and said that forming a successful rock band was a longtime dream for both.

``My goal in life has always been to tour the world playing music,'' Gonteir said.

``From the age of 12, that's what I wanted to do more than anything else. Now I'm doing it, and it's awesome.'' Three Days Grace will start its Australian tour in Brisbane next week and arrive at NEWCASTLE ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE on Friday, May 7. After Australia, the band will join the How You Remind Me stars for three shows in Brazil.

Tickets for Nickelback supported by Three Days Grace are on sale from TICKETEK on 4921 2121.

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