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Martial Monks Show Real Arts

Martial Monks Show Real Arts

Who: Shaolin Kung Fu Monks
Where: Newcastle Entertainment Centre
When: Wednesday March 22, 2000

TWENTY 'soldier monks' from the SHAOLIN MONASTERY will astound audiences at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre next month with their Kung Fu, defence combat and 'mind over matter' strength and endurance.

The SHAOLIN KUNG FU MONKS will perform at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre on Wednesday, March 22, in an exhibition drawing philosophical, cultural, historical and physical elements together.

The fascinating history of martial arts and the Shaolin Monastery is closely entwined, and can be traced to the Indian monk BUDDHISANHA, also known as TA MO in China.

In a grotto above the Shaolin Monastery, Ta Mo sat in meditation for nine consecutive years, keeping his body fit by creating a new routine of breathing techniques, which became the foundation of martial arts as we know it today.

Kung Fu further developed over the centuries as the monks of Shaolin Monastery defended themselves against invaders and animals, using boxing techniques and weaponry such as clubs, spears, swords and whips. TE

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