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Kane Able In World Wrestling

Kane Able In World Wrestling

Who: Kane
What: World Wrestling Entertainment - Wrestlemania Revenge Tour
Where: Newcastle Entertainment Centre
When: Friday April 8, 2005

HE may look big and tough but World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) star Kane admits he has a soft spot for Australia.

``When you've been in this business as long as I have, you actually don't like leaving home most times,'' Kane said.

``But Australia is one of the places that I really look forward to coming back to and I think you'll find most of the other guys and girls feel the same way.'' Kane and the rest of the team from WWE are in Australia this month on the Wrestlemania Revenge Tour. Over the years, Kane has carved out a reputation as one of the biggest names in the WWE.

And he's not the kind of guy you forget in a hurry.

Standing a towering 2.13 metres tall and weighing in at more than 136 kilograms, Kane made an unforgettable first appearance in October, 1997, at Badd Blood when he ripped the cage door off during a match between Shawn Michaels and Undertaker. Less than a year in the ring and Kane was crowned the new WWE Heavyweight Champion. But his reign was one of the shortest ever as he lost the title back to Stone Cold later that night.

While the WWE's biggest market is the US, Kane said he was amazed by its widespread popularity.

``I was talking with people on the Gold Coast and they were like, `Oh, it's not really that big here', and I said, `Well tell that to the 20,000 people that come to our shows in Sydney','' Kane said.

``It's big everywhere.

``We just came off a tour of Japan and Korea where once again we were drawing up to 15,000 to to 20,000 people a night.

``Everywhere we go, you know, it really is the world wrestling entertainment.'' Wrestlemania Revenge Tour will bring the WWE to Newcastle for the first time on Friday, April 8, when it appears at Newcastle Entertainment Centre. Tickets are on sale now and bookings can be made by calling Ticketek on 4921 2121 or are available online at the website www.ticketek.com.au

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