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Dream Run

Dream Run

Who: The Sleepy Jackson
Where: The Cambridge Hotel
Author: Jade Lazarevic
When: Saturday July 12, 2003

"WE'RE going to administer these songs to people and hopefully the music shoots right into their veins until it hits their hearts.

" According to singer and chief songwriter LUKE STEELE, that's the plan for Perth act THE SLEEPY JACKSON.

The four-piece formed five years ago and in the past 12 months it has brewed up an international media storm.

Media in both Australia and the UK have hailed the band as the next big thing and British music bible NME fuelled the fire when it gave the band's debut UK release a nine out of 10 rating.

Not surprisingly, the attention has had quite an impact on the band.

"It seems pretty overwhelming because I had never really been overseas," Steel said.

"For us even Sydney seemed like such an advance on Perth.

"There's been pretty overwhelming hype, hundreds of people congratulating us but we really needed to just go overseas.

" The Sleepy Jackson has since completed two overseas tours, including a sell out headline tour of Europe, and will return in August to perform at festivals in Leeds and Reading.

Amid endless months of touring, including an Australian tour with SILVERCHAIR earlier this year, the band has managed to record and release its debut album.

LOVERS on June 30.

It offers an eclectic range of styles that make it impossible to pin the band into one particular genre.

From swirling Beatles- style melodies to alt- country and pop rock, the album clearly proves Steele's broad range of musical talent.

"We wanted to get a lot of variety onto the album," Steel said.

"Because the songs were different we took different approaches to each style.

" Steele said the band used recording methods favoured by the likes of THE BEATLES, LED ZEPPELIN and NEIL YOUNG AND CRAZY HORSE.

"The opening track, GOOD DANCERS, took ages, weeks and weeks.

It had to be perfect and each level of instrument reflected the other one.

"You then compare that with VAMPIRE RACECOURSE which uses the old 60s' methods of recording by just getting a few mics in a room and doing it in a day.

" The album was recorded at RAZORS EDGE STUDIOS in Coogee Bay and produced by FAITH NO MORE and THE MELVINS producer JONATHAN BURNSIDE.

Burnside has also worked on the band's first two EPs, CAFFEINE IN THE MORNING SUN and LET YOUR LOVE BE LOVE.

The album took a year to record and write, although some of the older tracks had been recorded earlier.

"Good Dancers is about a year or two old but a lot of the tracks from this album are actually really new.

"The band had a funny way of when it needed the songs, they would start swimming through the room and mould through the walls.

"So a lot of them came along when we needed them which is whilst we were recording one or two of the old ones.

" The band kicked off its first Australian headline tour in Perth last month and will perform at the CAMBRIDGE HOTEL on Saturday night.

Tickets are on sale at the hotel.

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