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Idol Recruit Looks To A Soulful Future

Idol Recruit Looks To A Soulful Future

Who: Daniel Spillane
Where: Garden City
Author: Jade Lazarevic
When: Thursday December 22, 2005

LATE-night shoppers can expect even more mayhem at Westfield Kotara tomorrow when Australian Idol contestant Daniel Spillane makes an appearance.

Spillane, who was one of the top five contestants in the third series of Idol , will perform three songs and stick around for a meet-and-greet afterwards.

He will perform two covers and one original song, and his Newcastle- based mum will in the crowd cheering him on.

Spillane has wasted no time since leaving Idol and is determined to keep his name out there by making the most of his opportunities.

The Sydney-based singer is eager to work towards releasing a record independently, having not received any firm interest from labels.

``I'm loving what I do. It looks like I'll be getting either and EP or an album out early next year,'' Spillane said.

``I'm going to do it myself because I've learned so much along the way. And if you do it yourself, you have a lot more control.'' Despite becoming one of the more popular contestants on Idol, Spillane started as a true underdog.

After auditioning for the previous series in Sydney and not making it through, he heeded the advice of judge Mark Holden and dedicated the next year to perfecting his singing style.

He made a risky move and quit the family real estate business to move to Brisbane in order to find inspiration.

For a year Spillane worked as a handyman and labourer.

After singing Gimme Some Lovin' at the Brisbane auditions, the judges unanimously gave him the thumbs up to go to Sydney.

Now that Idol is over, Spillane hopes that he will have a number one album under his belt within five years.

Spillane initially presented himself as a rock singer on Idol but now reckons he'd like to carve a new niche.

``I definitely don't want to be a rocker.

Australia's got enough rockers as it is.

``You've got to look where your heart and soul is and my influences are artists like Stevie Wonder, and Australia doesn't have a blue-eyed soul singer so I think that's where I'd like to fit.''

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