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Duo Renames to Become the Sue and Mikey Show

Duo Renames to Become the Sue and Mikey Show

Who: Sue and Mikey Show
Where: Shoal Bay Country Club
Author: Jade Lazerevic
When: Saturday March 2, 2002

AFTER collaborating for several years, The Sue Carson Duo has changed its name.

Made up of Sue Carson and Michael Stove, the duo now goes by the name The Sue and Mikey Show. Carson and Stove have worked together on a number of musical projects over the past few years, including stints in Love That Hat and Celtic rock act Killkenny. As a duo, the pair deliver a blend of contemporary rock tunes by popular artists such as Jewel, The Corrs and Kate Bush. Both recognised for their work as solo artists, Carson has explored a number of musical styles, including folk with Love That Hat.

Now a member of Killkenny, Carson consistently amazes audiences with her talent on the violin, mandolin and guitar.

Stove has also performed in a variety of bands including Love That Hat, Hussy and Killkenny.

This week, Stove and Carson will unleash The Sue and Mikey Show, affectionately known as SMS to fans, at Shoal Bay Country Club on Saturday and at Bar 121 on Friday night.

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