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Punk Raiding Party

Punk Raiding Party

Who: Pilot to Gunner, The Hot Lies, Draw The Line
Where: Northern Star Hotel
Author: Jade Lazarevic
When: Friday April 23, 2004

IN the past four years, PILOT TO GUNNER has travelled across the US no less than eight times.

The New York punk quartet's relentless tour schedule shows no signs of slowing down either following the release of their new album Get Saved.

Like the band's debut offering, Games at High Speeds, the sophomore album is another example of the band's style which has been described as ``complex rock music.'' ``There's no conscious decision to make it complex or difficult. We like what we like and we write what we write,'' frontman SCOTT V. PADDEN said.

``If you listen closely, some of it is really simple. We go with whatever works.'' Pilot to Gunner arrived in Australia earlier this week for a 10-date tour.

The first tour came in 2002 when they supported BLUELINE MEDIC, an Australian band with whom they will team up again on the tail of the latest tour.

The Brooklyn-based band was founded in 1998 by Padden and guitarist PATRICK HEGARTY. Padden and Hegarty later teamed up with drummer KURT L.

HERRMANN and bass player MARTIN MCLOUGHLIN and the line up has remained solid since.

A commitment to live performance was evident early on and it paid off, winning the band support slot alongside the likes of HOT WATER MUSIC and THE DISMEMBERMENT PLAN. Pilot to Gunner will play at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on Friday night with support from THE HOT LIES and DRAW THE LINE. Doors open at 8pm.

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