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Northern Star Hotel

122 Beaumont Street
Hamilton 2303
Website: http://www.finnmccools.com.au/

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Articles Featuring Northern Star Hotel

Artist or Event Title Publication Date
Me Me Me  Rockabilly Revival 5/8/1998
Bobby Singh  Singh Returns to Star a Solo 5/8/1998
Method  Funk and Madness 19/8/1998
The Toothfairies  Faeries Do Exist 2/9/1998
FourPlay  Fourplay in Hot Demand 9/9/1998
Peepshow  Closer Look at Peepshow 9/9/1998
FourPlay  Classic bit of FourPlay 23/9/1998
Celtic City Sons  Putting Bite into Celtic 30/9/1998
Freudian Trip  An Eclectic Mix 7/10/1998
Guy Struzillo  Music With a Worldly Feel 14/10/1998
Fish Fry  Voice for Jazz Final 21/10/1998
Fini Scad  Harder Than Copper 21/10/1998
Epizo Bangoura and the African Express  Jump to African Jazz Beat 2/12/1998
Joy and Lara  Double Act 9/12/1998
Jack Thorncraft  Band Leader's Debut 9/12/1998
Endorphin  Star's Melting Pot 17/2/1999
Purplene  Smudged Purplene 24/2/1999
Ngogo Hi Life  The Beat of Africa 3/3/1999
The Huberts  Music For the Folk 17/3/1999
Robert Dick  US Flautist Visits City 17/3/1999
Eight Ball Baby  Rockabilly at the pub 14/4/1999
Eskimo Joe  Corporately Cool Eskis 24/4/1999
Floyd Vincent and the Childbrides  Band's Farewell Gig 12/5/1999
On  Drum 'N' Bass 26/5/1999
Walker and Davis  Style crosses boundaries 9/6/1999
Trans Am  New-wave Retro 16/6/1999
Penelope Swales  Penelope performs 23/6/1999
The Infidels  Music mix beefed up 7/7/1999
Peepshow  Band Stays on its Toes 14/7/1999
Shoot Lucy  Lucy Back in the Limelight 21/7/1999
Fatt Dex  Fatt Dex Will Make 21/7/1999
Mal Eastick  Blues Man Eastick 28/7/1999
Bob Bernard  King Cornet's Clarion Call 28/7/1999
Ancient Mariners  Ancient Marinators a New Flavour 4/8/1999
The Phantom Surfers  Cowabunga Man, Surf Sounds Grouse 11/8/1999
The Modernists  Modernists Keep up to Date With Music 18/8/1999
Tricycle  Tricycle Wheeling in for Tryout 25/8/1999
Pimp  Pimp Takes Walk on the Wild Side 1/9/1999
Favours For Each Other  Do yourself a favour 8/9/1999
Guy Struzillo  Sweet Sounds From a Master 8/9/1999
Machine Gun Fellatio  Gunners Take Aim 29/9/1999
Miles From Nowhere  Gelatinous Joy 6/10/1999
Tinker's Curse  Halloween Shindig 27/10/1999
Jazz Serenade  More Hours, More Music 3/11/1999
Dusk  Eclectic Mix Paints Pictures 17/11/1999
Endorphin  Electric Trailblazer 8/12/1999
Jig Zag  Rocker's Celtic Deviations 8/12/1999
The Australian Beef Week Show  Join Rollercoaster of Country Humour 15/12/1999
Machine Gun Fellatio  Juggernaut Blows in For a Nude Romp 22/12/1999
The Modernists  Inspiration Ticks from 70s Flicks 12/1/2000
Machine Gun Fellatio  Mofo's Back 9/2/2000
The Stinking Badger Of Java  Snuggle up to the Stinking Badger 9/2/2000
Deb Morrow  Singer Finds Strength in Koori Culture 16/2/2000
Ceiliah  Irish Stew 16/2/2000
Steve Hunter  Hot Sounds From hot Jazz Musicians 23/2/2000
Machine Translations  Off-beat, Improvisational Treat 15/3/2000
Those Bloody McKenna's  Family Fun With a Difference 15/3/2000
Tom Baker and the Chicago Seven Jazz Band  Hot Jazz From the Coolest 29/3/2000
Rockbottom James and the Detonators  Hamilton's Gonna get Detonated 12/4/2000
Rube Fruit Jungle  Win Winning Jungle Jive 19/4/2000
Upcoming Gigs  More Play: 26/4/2000
FourPlay  More Play 26/4/2000
Steve Hunter  Hunter Keeping His Listeners Purring 31/5/2000
Karen Hunter  Folk Thrash: 7/6/2000
Joy and Lara  Joy and Lara: 7/6/2000
The Nevilles  It's Long Enough, it's Straight Enough ... it's The Nevilles 28/6/2000
Skirt  Skirt: A Four-Piece Outfit Baring All 12/7/2000
Rockbottom James and the Detonators  Blues Outfit is Ready to Rock On 12/7/2000
The Bellhops  Bellhops to Cook up Some Fun 26/7/2000
Third Degree  Band sings own brand of blues 9/8/2000
10th Avenue Jazz Band  Jazz of Ages Shining Bright 23/8/2000
The Australian Beef Week Show  Punk lads to headline 2000 Wollombi Festival 13/9/2000
Angela Reeves  Get Lost: 20/9/2000
Machine Gun Fellatio  Shake 'em Like Crazy 27/9/2000
Mal Eastick  The Best of Blues Rock 4/10/2000
The PR Team  Middle Class nerds Tongue-in-Cheek Look at Industry 11/10/2000
Splinter  Graf CD Stuff of Legend 25/10/2000
Kaleidoscope  Adelaide Trio Slotting Right In 1/11/2000
Don Walker  Aussie Writing Star in Town 15/11/2000
Dave Tice and Mark Evans  Lucky Roll of Tice for Shuffle Kings 29/11/2000
Fish Fry  Try Fish Fry for Year's Biggest Night 27/12/2000
The Hottentots  Hottentots Hot to Trot 31/1/2001
Screamfeeder  Long Hot Summer . . . 31/1/2001
Epicure  Epicure Brings Top Radio Favourites to Northern Star Hotel 14/2/2001
Equinox  Star Perfect for Equinox to Launch an EP 28/2/2001
Penelope Swales  Swales' Archive 28/2/2001
The Lucksmiths  Lucksmiths Dropping in for Newcastle Gigs 14/3/2001
Muzzy Pep  Muzzy Stars of Pop Put in a Whole Lotta Pep 4/4/2001
Mick Hart  Hart at the Northern Star 4/4/2001
Mick Thomas  Thomas Takes New Path 11/4/2001
Method  Duo Back in the Acoustic Groove 25/4/2001
Mick Hart  Showing Real Hart 9/5/2001
Those Bloody McKenna's  A Bloody McKenna Good Time 23/5/2001
Phil Emmanuel Band  Emmanuel reaches dizzying heights 6/6/2001
Bored Of Education  Old Porker Lines up for Power Gig 20/6/2001
DyMyR  Bring Cushion and a Candle 27/6/2001
Dave Graney  Smooth Graney Train Rolls Into Town, Mellow Tracks in Tow 11/7/2001
Youth Group  Youth Group Motor in to Support Screamfeeder 1/8/2001
The 18th Dynasty  Headliners 'Like Opening of a New Door' 8/8/2001
Manuhiri  Island Group Brings Popular Pacific Influence to the Stage 8/8/2001
Fatt Dex  Popular Fatt Man Does his Thing Live 15/8/2001
Gorgeous  Gorgeous Are out For Second Serve 22/8/2001
Last Days of April  Last Days of April in Time for Spring 5/9/2001
Women In Docs  Girls Tread Boards and Rock in Docs 5/9/2001
The Porkers  The Porkers Play Shows to Appease Pork Lovers 12/9/2001
Chain  Special Gig for one of Blues' Strongest Links 10/10/2001
Purplene  Purplene Gearing up for LP Release 17/10/2001
Rory Ellis  Chance to Hear Rory's Experiences to Music 24/10/2001
Chinchen  Chinchen Home Briefly But Ready to Continue on their Winning Way 24/10/2001
Stiff Gins  Drink up the Heady soul of Stiff Gins 31/10/2001
Sick Puppies  Sick Pups up from Nitocris Death Bed 14/11/2001
The Old Spice Boys  Trio Adds Spice to Festival 14/11/2001
Muzzy Pep  Well-travelled Muzzy Pep to Launch Single at Northern Star 21/11/2001
Chucklefest  Laugh Riot 28/11/2001
Method  Bass Player Stages Back-to-back Band Appearances 5/12/2001
Ukiyo-E  Ukiyo-E Back in Town to Star at Northern 5/12/2001
Hang Seng  Fans Set to Party at Funky Gig Every Weekend 12/12/2001
Wizard  Zany Wizard to Materialise in Front of Our Ears in Newcastle Debut Show 12/12/2001
Lazy Susan  Indie stars pop into town for a playful prowl Around Suburbs 12/12/2001
Louisville Sluggers  Swinging Sluggers Spread Appeal 16/1/2002
Paul Greene  Greene Fills Regular Gig at Northern Star 30/1/2002
Ancient Mariners  City Welcomes its Sons For Long-Awaited Gig 13/2/2002
Karma County  Last Chance to Catch Karma County This Year 27/2/2002
Floyd Vincent and the Childbrides  Floyd Vincent Mixes It Up Musically 27/2/2002
Mettaphor  'Muso Animals' Dig Playing to New Crowds 27/2/2002
Blue Line Medic  Special Tour Sets Stage for National Slot 6/3/2002
Ember Swift  Canadian Ember's Burning on Tour of Australia 27/3/2002
King Curly  King Curly a Star Turn at the Northern Star 27/3/2002
Fur Patrol  Fur Will Fly as Band Returns Hot From Patrol 24/4/2002
The Beautiful Girls  Beautiful Girls Blend in 15/5/2002
Mick Hart  Life on Hold as Hart Pours Soul Into His Latest Album 22/5/2002
Mickyfin  Mickyfin Tackle Old Material With Line-up of Fresh Faces 22/5/2002
Paul Greene  Greener Pastures at Northern Star 12/6/2002
Carus  Soloist Has His Eye on the Job With His Latest Heartfelt EP 19/6/2002
El Mopa  A Record in Fussy Creation 7/8/2002
Further  Further Closer 21/8/2002
An Empty Flight  Empty Flight Full of Promise 11/9/2002
Blue Line Medic  Medic Gets Precious 2/10/2002
Bluebottle Kiss  Bluebottle Kiss 19/3/2003
Carus Thompson  Carus 19/3/2003
Rubix Cuba  Spreading Lova Around 2/7/2003
Sarah Blasko  Little Singer Has Big Voice 6/8/2003
Gelbison  IT has been less than a year 13/8/2003
Intercooler  Rock Revival Puts Boys on Top 13/8/2003
The Casanovas  Whirlwind Romance 13/8/2003
Antiskeptic  Travelling in the Fast Lane 3/9/2003
Goodshirt  Goodshirt Likely to Suit New Fans 3/9/2003
Thinktank  Hard Work Paying Off 3/9/2003
Mick Hart  All Hart in New Songs 3/9/2003
Carus  Carus Builds on European Tour 10/9/2003
Screamfeeder  A Group to Take You Apart 10/9/2003
Thirsty Merc  Thirsty Sound Solidified 17/9/2003
Evermore  Brothers Are Happier as Evermore 24/9/2003
Dave Graney  Graney Soars on Raw Creation 5/11/2003
Warped  High On Warped Sound 12/11/2003
The Lovemakers  Krafty Bit Of Lovework 19/11/2003
Cindy Frost  Inspiration Close By 17/12/2003
Charlton Hill  Hill in Acoustic Mode 7/1/2004
Euphonic  Euphoric Road Ahead for Euphonic 4/2/2004
Andy White  Pride in First Aussie Cut 18/2/2004
Butterfingers  Butterfingers Love Their Work 18/2/2004
The Revs  Plenty Of Fuel In The Tank 3/3/2004
Jim Moray  Chineese Whispers in English Folk 10/3/2004
The Immortal Lee Country Killers  'Aggressive' Blues 17/3/2004
Chinchen  Back With A Heavier Groove 17/3/2004
Rich Harper Blues Band  It's A Good Case Of The Blues 7/4/2004
Pilot to Gunner  Punk Raiding Party 21/4/2004
Atomica  Atomica Single Launch 28/4/2004
Thirsty Merc  Merc Finds Attire To Suit 9/6/2004
Gyroscope  Deal Means Hard Work Hits Overdrive 16/6/2004
Mick Hart  Home Is Where Hart Is, For Now 18/8/2004
Even  Small Face Gives Even A Real Kick 1/9/2004
The Mint Chicks  Kiwi Pals On Tour With New Ep,attitude 8/9/2004
The Fuelers  Fuel For A Kooky Night 15/9/2004
The Tremors  Tremors Rock With Some Crazy Lyrics 15/9/2004
Missy Higgins  A Star By Day Seven 6/10/2004
The Cops  Fans Cop The Cowbell 3/11/2004
Todd Sparrow  Sparrow Leave The Nest 10/11/2004
Peabody  Peabody Get Proof In Road-test Puddin' 17/11/2004
Euphonic  Touring Puts More Pep In The Step 1/12/2004
Brooke Fraser  Brooke Chases Dream Across Tasman 8/12/2004
The Bryan Ferrysexual Experience  All Soul: 12/1/2005
The Healing Art  Down To Earth 19/1/2005
Dirty Pink Jeans  Group Starts To Reap It's Rewards 19/1/2005
Newcastle's Home Grown Aid for Asia  Group Takes Appeal Seriously 26/1/2005
Betchadupa  Zealous Band Back To Basics 2/2/2005
The Devoted Few  New Band, New Ideas, New Tour 9/2/2005
The Panics  Label Very Keen On Panic 16/2/2005
Anne McCue  Songwriter On Roll With Three-piece 2/3/2005
Intercooler  Cool Heads And An 11th-hour Recruit Keep Tour Alive 16/3/2005
Nessa Morgan  Soul Sister's Homecoming 23/3/2005
The Temperance Union  Spit And Polish In Intimate Show 23/3/2005
Floyd Vincent and the Childbrides  Music For Your Thinking Feet 30/3/2005
Fred Eaglesmith  In The Company Of Flying Squirrels 30/3/2005
The Vasco Era  Wired For Raw Energy 13/4/2005
The Grates  Grates At Home 20/4/2005
Monkey Boy  Half Hart, And A Sense Of Humour 20/4/2005
Ed Kuepper and Jeffrey Wegener  Legends Laughing As Dates Sell Out 11/5/2005
The Managers  Managing Some Special Ska 18/5/2005
The Yearlings  Festival Favourites Showcase Album 1/6/2005
The Dave Mann Collective  Perth Collective Turns The Page 8/6/2005
Johnny Real and the Lovemakers  Brother Love Behind Band 15/6/2005
Pat Capocci Combo  Blues,roots Slant In New Offering 22/6/2005
Faker  Faker Is Now The Real Thing 6/7/2005
That 1 Guy  One Guy And A Pipe Sharing The Magic 20/7/2005
Dawn Collective  Collective Draws A Long Bow 17/8/2005
Intercooler  Band Put Cool-ism Up Front And Centre Stage 31/8/2005
The Boat People  Adventurous Pop Music To Makeyour Ears Twitch 7/9/2005
67 Special  Baby Steps Work For Special Act 5/10/2005
Carus Thompson  Carus Gathering No Moss 19/10/2005
Sime Nugent  Nugent Strikes Out On His Own 26/10/2005
Cotton Sidewalk  New Ep: Cotton Sidewalk, At The Northern Star Hotel On Saturday. 9/11/2005
The Visitors  Bird Still Flies Wings Clipped 7/12/2005
The Good  Overseas Gigs A Good Thing 21/12/2005
Andy Clockwise  Handy Andy Goes Full Circle 11/1/2006
Ed Kuepper and Jeffrey Wegener  Troopers Say, If It Ain't Broke 18/1/2006
The Instant  Getting To The Point in an Instant 1/2/2006
Blue King Brown  Making Music With Social Message 1/2/2006
Carus Thompson  Friends In Need, Friends On Tour 8/2/2006
Sarah McLeod  Stripped Back And Also Intimate 22/2/2006
Bluebottle Kiss  Bluebottle Kiss Stopover 22/2/2006
The Pictures  A Second Effort Puts Group In The Picture 15/3/2006
Fyreflyes  Abuzz With Special Magic Of Fyreflyes 22/3/2006
Truckstop Honeymoon  Truckstop 22/3/2006

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