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Skirt: A Four-Piece Outfit Baring All

Skirt: A Four-Piece Outfit Baring All

Who: Skirt
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Thursday July 13, 2000

SKIRT , it is said, make you realise why you go out to see live music.

The four-piece Sydney-based girl outfit offer a feast of harmonies and a fresh mix of pop, blues and rock.

That feast will be laid bare for all of Newcastle at the Northern Star, Hamilton, this Thursday.

The last nine months have seen the girls host residencies at plenty of Sydney venues, including The Beach Road, Excelsior and Strawberry Hills Hotel.

They are now on a tour of the North Coast to promote their debut EP and first single TRUE LOVE , getting Triple J airplay at the moment.

SKIRT 's all-original music reflects their individual backgrounds as seasonsed professionals with loads of gigs under their belts.

Gemma Glendenning provides the country rock and solo guitar sequences while Corinne Gibbons puts in the grooves on bass.

Laura Nobel just rocks hard as the 'killer harmoniser' of the group and Kelly Staines thrives on the drums from her experience in everything from indie pop to tribal beats.

SKIRT 's heart-felt pop sounds are inspired by a range of musicians that came before or from their time.

'I love artists like Sarah McLaughlin, Sheryl Crowe and Shaun Colvin, all who are around now and were persistent enough to get deals in their late 20's and 30's,' Corinne said.

'Sometimes when we are actually in the harmony I can just close my eyes and really enjoy it, because it sounds so terrific, it's almost like a lovely body experience.

'I actually get tingles sometimes.'

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