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Brooke Chases Dream Across Tasman

Brooke Chases Dream Across Tasman

Who: Brooke Fraser
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Thursday December 9, 2004

AT home in New Zealand BROOKE FRASER is a superstar in the making.

Her debut album, What To Do With Daylight , has topped the charts three times since its release last year and has spawned no fewer than five hit singles.

With her reputation now firmly established in her homeland, Fraser has relocated to Australia in the hope of finding similar success.

Fraser said she was ready to start all over again and make a name for herself in Australia.

``I didn't know what was going to happen when I released my first song in New Zealand and I'm finding the same thing over here,'' Fraser said.

``When you're a new artist you start from scratch and you've got to do the hard work, playing everywhere and hoping it will pay off.

``I'm really blessed that it has paid off.'' Fraser is on her first solo tour of Australia and returns to the stage after a run supporting US artist John Mayer on his national tour earlier this year.

Meeting the star was a dream come true for Fraser, who counts Mayer as one of her biggest influences alongside MARVIN GAYE, JAMES TAYLOR and INDIA ARIE. Fraser has been composing tunes since she was 12.

She concedes her first composition, Sandflies, is a world away from the emotionally charged material she comes up with today.

She began taking classical piano lessons at an early age and later taught herself guitar, in the hope of writing ``more upbeat stuff''.

By the time she was 15, the Wellington-based singer-songwriter was playing professionally and quickly earned a reputation as a solid up- and-comer.

``I started out doing shows and that was how the whole record deal came about,'' Fraser said.

`` I never sent my demo out because I thought that was a bit wankerish.'' What To Do With Daylight was recorded midway through last year and scored her a double win at this year's NEW ZEALAND MUSIC AWARDS .

She won best female artist and best breakthrough artist.

Fraser said she hoped to take some time out of her busy schedule next year to start writing tracks for a follow-up release.

Fraser and band will perform at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL tomorrow night. Tickets are on sale at the venue, SOUNDWORLD, THE ROCK SHOP and BEAUMONT STREET BEAT.

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