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Bird Still Flies Wings Clipped

Bird Still Flies Wings Clipped

Who: The Visitors
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Friday December 9, 2005

AFTER Radio Birdman's 1978 break- up three of the original members carried on the band's high-energy, hard-rock tradition as The Visitors. With ex-Birdman guitarist and songwriter Deniz Tek , drummer Ron Keeley and keyboardist Pip Hoyle , the band played a series of shows in and around Sydney, with their songs taking over from where Radio Birdman's Living Eyes album left off.

Multi-talented bass player Steve Harris and volatile frontman Mark Sisto completed the line-up.

Shows were unpredictable and wild, stretching beyond the boundaries of the Sydney punk scene. The Visitors' set of classic, evocative rock songs were presented within a strong visual aesthetic that often included spontaneous and bizarre elements of performance art from Detroi-born singer Sisto. The Visitors will again take the stage for two shows, with founding members Tek, Hoyle and Sisto. The trio will be joined by international skateboarders Art and Steve Godoy on bass and drums. They will perform on Friday dec 9 at the Northern Star Hotel.

Tickets can be bought from bigtix.com.au

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