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Further Closer

Further Closer

Who: Further, Audiophile
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Friday August 23, 2002

BROKEN bones and broken instruments - a live show from FURTHER is undoubtedly a dangerous experience.

By the end of Further's album tour in June, the band found itself a little worse for wear.

'We've had some pretty wild shows. By the end of the album tour we had broken four guitars, a broken collarbone, a broken hand and I got knocked out once,' guitarist MATT COYTE said.

This could be because the rocking punk band is clumsy or it could be the fact that their live shows are fuelled with adrenaline.

'We don't overly enjoy recording. We try to keep our records feeling as live as they can so people know what to expect when they see us live.'

Further was formed seven years ago by brothers Matt and LEO COYTE, who teamed up with bassist ANDREW WC and drummer DANG five years later.

Following the release of two EPs, THE CROW ROAD and INFINITE SPACE, the band finally got around to release the album PUNK ROCK VAMPIRES. Cibot says the band has progressed quite a lot.

'I think we're a bit more straightforward, probably less aggressive sounding and a bit more energetic - you can dance to it now.'

Further was last in town to support THE MARK OF CAIN at NEWCASTLE UNIVERSITY and will return to perform at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on Friday night, supported by AUDIOPHILE.

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