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Juggernaut Blows in For a Nude Romp

Juggernaut Blows in For a Nude Romp

Who: Machine Gun Fellatio
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Thursday December 23, 1999

THE MACHINE GUN FELLATIO juggernaut rolls into town tomorrow night at the Northern Star Hotel.

Demand for the band's latest single MOFO ON A MOTORCYCLE has been so strong that the band's record label, SPUTNIK RECORDS, has been forced to rush the single to shops a month early.

Interest in the single was due to the song gaining high rotation on TRIPLE J as soon as the lewd, offbeat, but infectious tune arrived at the station.

KRISTY HUGHES, who sings vocals on Mofo, will be a special guest at tomorrow night's show.

Mofo On A Motorcycle is part of a five-track debut EP on the Mushroom Records offshoot.

Ironically MGF will play on the same night as THE WHITLAMS gig at the Newcastle Workers Club.

Novocastrian-born singer of MGF GLEN DORMAND co-wrote The Whitlams' ARIA song of the year NO APHRODISIAC and The Whitlams' latest single CHUNKY CHUNKY AIR GUITAR. Dormand, aka CHIT CHAT VON LOOPIN STAB, warned Northern Star audiences to expect nude dancers as part of his band's show.

'We want people to explode. We want them to get naked, so we've got someone who does it for us, so then if people feel inclined they won't feel too inhibited.'

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