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Style crosses boundaries

Style crosses boundaries

Who: Walker and Davis
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday June 12, 1999

EVER since MATT WALKER made his public debut at 13 years old, he has been amazing audiences with a totally individual style of music, evident now in WALKER and DAVIES.

No mean feat when you consider that WALKER'S main influences come from the blues.

The truly distinctive performers cross boundaries because they sound like no-one else.

In WALKER'S own words: 'I don't get a real buzz when I play somebody else's lick so I don't bother.'

WALKER played folk clubs and busked at local weekend markets until he introduced himself to the Australia country/folk legend BRODERICK SMITH and started touring with SMITH'S band and writing songs with him.

WALKER struck up an acquaintance with drummer ASHLEY DAVIES in 1993.

Since then they have honed their style to a quite miraculous level as is evident on their 1997 recording I LISTEN TO THE NIGHT. The release of the CD opened the floodgates for WALKER and DAVIES who have since played in Germany and Holland, been nominated for two ARIA AWARDS and toured Australia. They are now recording a new CD, which they hope will be released this year.

WALKER and DAVIES are at the Northern Star Hotel on Saturday, June 12.TE

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