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Collective Draws A Long Bow

Collective Draws A Long Bow

Who: Dawn Collective
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday August 20, 2005

SIMEON Johnson said there was something missing in his life before he joined a band.

Johnson had never been in a band until about two years ago.

Before joining flourishing band Dawn Collective, he had only played in school and private orchestras and sung at weddings.

Now armed with an electric cello, he and the The Dawn Collective will introduce the Hunter to their music at the Northern Star Hotel, Hamilton, on Saturday.

He and band membersRob Fernandez (percussionist, drummer), Andrew Bennett (vocalist), Michael Molkentin (bass player) and Greg Bell (guitarist) will play songs from their newest album The Affirmation.

Johnson explained that when he was playing in an orchestra, performers had a set space to play in and the music was right in front of you, so there was no way of ``stuffing it up''.

He said once he joined Dawn Collective and started playing in clubs and pubs that comfort zone he once enjoyed no longer existed.

``At one of the gigs we were playing at, the stage we were on couldn't fit all of us so I had to stand at the side of the stage near the women's toilet so I had enough room to play,'' Johnson said.

``While we were playing I realised I was too close to the toilets but there was nothing I could do.

``So when the women wanted to go to the toilet I had to time the use of my bow on the cello with the women walking in and out and still try and keep in tune.

``It was a pretty funny scenario that had never happened to me before.'' And he's glad it hasn't happened since.

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