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Youth Group Motor in to Support Screamfeeder

Youth Group Motor in to Support Screamfeeder

Who: Youth Group
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Thursday August 2, 2001

On tour to support the release of their debut album, Sydney-siders Youth Group will perform at the Northern Star Hotel tomorrow night.

The band have been together about two years and released a series of singles including Weekender, Country Tour, We Are Mean and the current single I Don't Care. The four piece released their debut album Urban and Eastern earlier this year after the group signed to Modular records.

'The album has come together really well,' bass player Andy Cassell says.

'All the singles before it, we were happy with at the time we did it, but looking back it was good that we did all that because it just made us realise what we want to focus on and what we actually like as a band.'

Tomorrow night the group will support Queensland indie pop group Screamfeeder who recently released their new album titled Rocks Off the Soul. The group made the unusual choice to team up with dance musicians Pound System and recorded the album at their studio in Melbourne last year.

Pound System's production added a number of new musical elements to the album like loops and filters but still managed to sustain the original Screamfeeder sound.

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