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Off-beat, Improvisational Treat

Off-beat, Improvisational Treat

Who: Machine Translations
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Thursday March 16, 2000

PREPARE yourself for something completely different tomorrow night at the Northern Star Hotel, when JAY WALKER and MACHINE TRANSLATIONS take to the stage.

Walker, named new artist of the year in 1998 by the MELBOURNE AGE, and his band have released three albums ABSTRACT POVERTY, HALO and HOLIDAY IN SPAIN. Walker's sound has been compared to TOM WAITS, MERCURY REV, THE LATIN PLAYBOYS and even BOWIE'S ZIGGY STARDUST. Live, Walker combines the songs of Machine Translations with an improvisational offshoot of the same group of musicians called THING OF 1000 STRINGS. Instruments include guitar, double bass, African and Middle Eastern percussion, a home-made electric Ehru, and an upright piano adorned with ribbons, with the sides removed, played with mallets. TE

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