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Faker Is Now The Real Thing

Faker Is Now The Real Thing

Who: Faker, Great Dividing Range
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday July 9, 2005

IT wasn't an overload of sex, drugs or rock'n'roll that disrupted Faker's last tour.

Frontman Nathan Hudson was forced to cancel a couple of the indie rock band's dates after injuring his knee while sleepwalking.

Hudson awoke to find himself lying barefoot in the rain on the roof of the hotel his band was staying at.

``I have woken up in some pretty strange places. I think it's something to do with my being a fan of zombie movies. I think I'm trying to live out that fantasy in my dream or something,'' Hudson laughed.

``Fortunately the others guys don't have to tie me down in my bed or anything. I'm starting to understand that if I wear myself out, it's more likely to happen.'' Despite coming to this conclusion, Hudson hasn't slowed down.

Faker is on another national tour that will encapsulate 20 dates around the country in less than a month.

The tour comes on the back of the long-awaited debut album release Addicted Romantic which was unleashed on June 12.

It was recorded by the Sydney-based five-piece late last year with the band left to occupy its time playing live while waiting for the release.

While the current line-up of Faker has been solid for the past 18 months, the core of the group has been lingering for much longer.

Hudson founded the band around five years ago but it wasn't until the arrival of drummer Paul Berryman that he credits Faker as having truly come to life.

``I've been in a band called Faker with different people since high school but only in the last 18 months has the line-up made sense,'' Hudson said.

``To find a balance between five people music can sometimes take a while but like anything, it's just hit and miss.

``But the katalyst for all of the changes with the line- up was Paul coming in on drums and his commitment and passion for playing his instrument.'' These days the line-up features Hudson and Berryman alongside Phil Downing (guitar), Stefan Gregory (guitar) and Newcastle lad Nick Munnings (bass), formerly of Muzzy Pep. Munnings will re-unite with former members of his old days when Faker is supported by Great Dividing Range which features members of Muzzy Pep at the Northern Star Hotel on Saturday night.

Tickets cost $10 and will be available at the door.

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