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Cowabunga Man, Surf Sounds Grouse

Cowabunga Man, Surf Sounds Grouse

Who: The Phantom Surfers
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Friday August 13, 1999

THE self-proclaimed originators of surf/ska and surf/punk, THE PHANTOM SURFERS, will perform at the Northern Star Hotel on Friday night.

After more than a decade together, and with six albums in the back of the panel van, the masked San Francisco group will arrive fanging down the peak of a veritable tsunami of garage punk instrumentals.

The quirky quartet is on a national tour of Australia that last week took in the MICK MOLLOY SHOW as well as Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane, Byron Bay and Sydney.

Guitarists MEL BERGMAN and JOHNNY BARTLETT deliver a rare combination of killer chops and humour.

They play plenty of 'trad surf' music but 'enough surprises to tweak the ear of even the most doctrinaire fans of the genre'.

The band has no illusions about the music it plays.

'The ever-present dangers of show-off musicianship, pseudo-intellectualism and other forms of self-indulgent lameness, which have made rock go comatose before us are still ... well, ever present,' the group states bluntly.

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