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Kiwi Pals On Tour With New Ep,attitude

Kiwi Pals On Tour With New Ep,attitude

Who: The Mint Chicks
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Friday September 10, 2004

FRESH from supporting SPARTA on its recent Australian tour, New Zealand four piece THE MINT CHICKS is on the road with a new EP.

Titled Anti-Tiger , the release of the six-track EP has brought the band back to Australian shores following a brief run of shows in May this year.

But it was the band's spot on THE WHITE STRIPES' October 2003 tour that first left Australian audiences in awe of the band's fierce live show.

It all began around a year ago in Auckland when The Mint Chicks caught the eye of The White Stripes during a gig and were invited to tour Australia with them.

Because the band was still yet to release a recording, The White Stripes frontman JACK WHITE's THIRD MAN label joined with FLYING NUN RECORDS to manufacture an exclusive blue vinyl 7-inch for the tour.

It featured The Mint Chicks' Blue Team Go on one side and fellow support act WHIRLWIND HEAT 's Blue on the other.

Success has spread abroad with UK radio embracing The Mint Chicks, giving them airplay on the legendary JOHN PEEL radio show.

The Mint Chicks, comprising KODY NIELSON, RUBAN NIELSON, MICHAEL LOGIE and PAUL ROPER, recently completed their first run of shows in the UK and the US.

See them at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on Friday night.

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