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Abuzz With Special Magic Of Fyreflyes

Abuzz With Special Magic Of Fyreflyes

Who: Fyreflyes, Bored of Education
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Friday March 24, 2006

STARTING out as an acoustic duo performing around Sydney, Fyreflyes morphed into the now four-piece hard-pop rock band we know today.

With a string of original and reworked songs under their belts, the all-female group have played alongside bands such as Magic Dirt , The Whitlams , Skulker , Iota , Primary , The Weekend (Canada) and Dallas Crane .

Fyreflyes are passing through Newcastle to play at the Northern Star Hotel on Friday night as part of their tour of the east coast.

The band has done its share of headlining shows and national touring. In 2005 they performed at the Sydney Big Day Out , which they said was an honour and a highlight of their career so far.

Fyreflyes have two releases. Their double a-side single and four-track EP Lucidity received radio airplay and they have had TV exposure for their clip for Don't Wanna . They are working on preparations for new EP, which is due out in May. Their Catch Fyreflyes' free gig at The Northern Star Hotel will be supported by Bored of Education .

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