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Singer Finds Strength in Koori Culture

Singer Finds Strength in Koori Culture

Who: Deb Morrow
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Thursday February 17, 2000

SINGER-songwriter DEB MORROW was born in Paddington Hospital, NSW, and was immediately taken away from her mother. At six months of age she was adopted by a foster family in Sydney.

Four years ago Morrow met her real mother and sisters and discovered she was from the Wangaabuwan people of central west NSW, after which she recorded her first full-production demo tape of songs.

Performing tomorrow night at the Northern Star Hotel, Morrow last year released a debut album FLIGHT OF THE EMU, which she says reflects the Koori culture she is still learning about every day.

'My latest songs reflect many emotions - anger, hope and suppression,' she says.

'They are healing songs and I hope that by listening to them others will gain the will to heal.'

Over the past 18 years Morrow has been singing and strutting her stuff with other performers and bands with her amazing voice. She has performed with ARCHIE ROACH and RUBY HUNTER, as well as CHRISTINE ANU, PAUL KELLY, YOTHU YINDI, TROY CASSAR-DALEY and ANI DI FRANCO. Since 1991 she has performed at numerous folk festivals, including the MALENY FOLK FESTIVAL, BREWARRINA'S STRENGTH THROUGH UNITY FESTIVAL, APOLLO BAY MUSIC FESTIVAL, MELBOURNE FRINGE FESTIVAL, VICTOR HARBOUR FOLK FESTIVAL, BOGONG MOTH FESTIVAL and MELBOURNE'S MOOMBA FESTIVAL. TE

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