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Krafty Bit Of Lovework

Krafty Bit Of Lovework

Who: The Lovemakers, Sekiden
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday November 22, 2003

COMBINE elements of KRAFTWERK with a serving of 80s electro and you've got THE LOVEMAKERS .

The three-piece from Cal ornia has embarked on its first Australian tour to support the release of its new single Internet Girlfriend .

Formed 18 months ago, The Lovemakers have become renowned for their overly sexual image, yet bass player LISA LIGHT said the band never intended to develop such a reputation.

``We didn't really choose to take on a sexy image but I think our reputation has been set in that way and that's how we are portrayed now,'' Light said.

``I usually do some stripping in our live show and we have a vibrator that we use to get the sound effect - I'm sure my skimpy outfits don't help either!'' The Lovemakers was formed by Light and guitarist SCOTT BLONDE , who then recruited the electronic i luence of UK-born computer whiz JASON PROCTOR .

``Being from Manchester, Jason has definitely brought a whole Euro-techno sound to the whole band.

'' The trio released its debut album with 80s i luences earlier this year.

, bringing together 80s synth-pop i luences which conjure up memories NEW ORDER and THE HUMAN LEAGUE.

Light said the band has been working on material for a new album which has seen the band shy away from electro and adopt more of an edgy rock sound.

``Our new recording sounds a lot more rock - I would not even class y it as an electro album``I think since we have progressed over the past year-and-a-half, we have become more of a band.

'' The Lovemakers will appear at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on Saturday night with electronic Aussie act SEKIDEN .

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