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Last Days of April in Time for Spring

Last Days of April in Time for Spring

Who: Last Days of April
Where: Northern Star Hotel
Author: Jade Lazerevic
When: Friday September 7, 2001

MAKING their first trip to Australia all the way from Sweden is Last Days of April. The four-piece group is embarking on a national tour with The Superjesus and will play a solo show at the Northern Star Hotel on Friday night.

Vocalist and guitarist Karl Larsson said he was unfamiliar with The Superjesus but admitted to being a big fan of Aussie rockers The Hard Ons. Since their formation in 1995, Last Days of April have developed a good following throughout Europe and made the transition from punk to pop rock.

'I just want to write good songs,' Larsson said.

'I want to make good, catchy pop music without it becoming too commercial.'

Last Days of April released its third album Angel Youth to rousing reviews this year and Larsson admits that it is his favourite album too.

'I see our latest album as a real achievement,' he said.

'This album has received the best reviews and it's the only album we really like.'

Although they have moved away from the punk scene musically, Larsson said he still loves punk personally.

'We haven't personally moved away from the punk scene, it's just a natural music progression.'

Larsson, who is the key songwriter for the group, said the band had previously written together but the new album was solely written by him.

'I wrote all the songs because we wanted to keep the same sound,' he explained.

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