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Lucy Back in the Limelight

Lucy Back in the Limelight

Who: Shoot Lucy
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Thursday July 22, 1999

TOMORROW night one of Newcastle's best kept secrets will return to the live scene after more than 1 years in the wilderness.

Performing at the Northern Star Hotel, members of SHOOT LUCY stepped out of the limelight in 1997 after releasing a remarkable debut CD ODE TO BROADMEADOW ROAD produced by Novocastrian sound maestro MARK TINSON and former ANGELS guitarist BOB SPENCER. Spencer volunteered to produce the CD after judging the band when it won the Castle band competition late in 1996.

Shoot Lucy is working on a second CD under the Spencer and Tinson team that is due out later this year.

Bass player JIM HALLIGAN said the band would be returning to play once a month or every six weeks 'to get back to the old days where we were doing it for enjoyment'.

For a flavour of what Shoot Lucy's original music sounds like, try to imagine BOB DYLAN after he first went electric, or even CREEDENCE CLEARWATER. None of the Broadmeadow Road set is contained in the group's live set, so tomorrow night's show should be a revelation to fans.

Members of Shoot Lucy are still based in Newcastle, busily following various pursuits.

Halligan has been teaching the BASIC MUSIC INDUSTRY SKILLS course at Newcastle TAFE.

Drummer JASON MUNRO works in the building industry. Guitarist/vocalist IVAN POWELL has been completing an honours year in Classics at the University of Newcastle.

Guitarist/vocalist MARK HOPPE has spent equal time in Newcastle and Sydney where he has been studying traditional Chinese medicine.

Support act tomorrow night will be TONCHI.

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