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Ukiyo-E Back in Town to Star at Northern

Who: Ukiyo-E, Audiophile
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Friday December 7, 2001

UKIYO-E is one band who can get away with being an instrumental act and maintain the interest of the audience throughout an entire set.

Since its formation in 1999, the band has released a number of recordings including the debut mini album titled Inland. With a fusion of guitars, bass, drums, samples and moogs, Ukiyo-E creates a unique sound which even the band finds hard to describe.

'It's pretty hard to define really, its instrumental rock based, with jazz elements,' guitarist Chris Hamer-Smith said.

'We're quite influenced by electronic music so its bit of everything really.'

The band has performed in Newcastle several times and had strong albums sales from Novocastrian supporters.

'The last show we did up there with Adam Said Galore and Purplene was really good,' guitarist Chris Hamer-Smith said.

Ukiyo-E features a well known line up including Steve Foster who has worked with Gerling and Matt Grant who is a former member of Tweezer. The band will perform at the Northern Star Hotel on Friday night with Audiophile. Smith said the band is working on a remix album that should be released by March.

'We're just going to try and put this remix record and then hopefully record a full album.'

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