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Trio Adds Spice to Festival

Trio Adds Spice to Festival

Who: The Old Spice Boys
Where: Northern Star Hotel
Author: Jade Lazerevic
When: Thursday November 22, 2001

THE Spice Girls seem to have fallen off the planet but The Old Spice Boys are still going strong and the band continues to work its way around the country.

The three-piece group from Byron Bay is on a tour of Australia, and will make the trip to Newcastle to take part in the Newcastle Comedy Festival. The Old Spice Boys will perform at The Northern Star Hotel on November 22.

The threesome has had several highlights this year including performing at the prestigious Queenscliff Music Festival. The group also received rave reviews after its performance at the East Coast Blues and Roots Festival. The Old Spice Boys mix sharp musicianship with accessible tunes, minimal instrumentation and a dry sense of humour.

As well as its own, quirky originals, such as I'm Not An Alcoholic - I Just Enjoy a Drink, and Who Gave You a Licence To Drive Me Crazy, the group also parodies well-known artists.

The trio performs its own versions of material from artists such as Miles Davis, The Seekers, Prince, Bo Diddly, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash and Ian Dury. The boys are also known to often alternate between R&B, vaudeville and jazz.

A new jazz album titled Alibi of Birdland is also on the horizon. It will feature cover tunes from legends such as Miles Davis, Charlie Christian, Count Basie and Coltrane. The Old Spice Boys are Azo Bell (ukulele), Billy Milroy (bass) and Tim Reeves (snare drum).

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