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Making Music With  Social Message

Making Music With Social Message

Who: Blue King Brown
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Friday February 3, 2006

IF you have been to one of the many outdoor music festivals in Australia recently you may have come across the engaging rhythms of Blue King Brown .

Over the past few months the group has performed at the Bellingen Global Carnival, Woodford Folk Festival and the Festival of the Sun .

Appearances are also scheduled for the East Coast Blues and Roots Festival and The Great Escape .

Not only has the five-piece been winning over audiences with its high-energy performances but also with its socially-conscious lyrics. ``For me, I like music with a message,'' frontwoman Natalie Pa'apa'a said.

``Music is such a great medium to address situations and what's happening in the world.'' US-born Pa'apa'a was raised in an Aboriginal community in Melbourne and believes this, along with her own background (her mother is Samoan and her father is Mexican-Native American), is what sparked her interest in issues such as land rights.

``Being an indigenous person from a different country in Australia, a lot of indigenous people who have come from other countries just have that respect for the people of the country that they're in.

``So that's where I'm coming from.'' Blue King Brown's debut single, Water, was inspired after a visit to central Australia, where she joined founding band member Carlo Santone in teaching music to indigenous youth.

She was inspired to pen the song after coming face to face with the challenging issues.

``It was inspired by the Aboriginal communities who live out there. Station owners are locking them out of their land.

``You get out there and it's like you're in another country: different culture, different language, everything.'' But the station owners are still completely racist and completely ripping the people off.``We couldn't believe it.'' Pa'apa'a and Santone started the band in Byron Bay about three years ago, having spent the previous years busking together. Leg 4 They then moved to Melbourne, where they found the remaining members of Blue King Brown.

A debut EP was released last year and an album is now in the works.

``We're planning to record the album mid-year.``We're really putting all our energy into that. We're writing new material and when we get off this tour, then we'll pretty much getting straight into recording.'' Blue King Brown will play at the Northern Star Hotel on Friday night. Tickets $10 at the door.

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