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Join Rollercoaster of Country Humour

Join Rollercoaster of Country Humour

Who: The Australian Beef Week Show
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Wednesday December 22, 1999

GOOD Aussie beer-drinking music is how THE AUSTRALIAN BEEF WEEK SHOW sums up its good-humoured, rollicking country/folk'n'roll.

Playing its annual Christmas party next Wednesday, December 22, at the Northern Star Hotel Beef Week plays like a knee-slapping, toe-tapping, rock'n'rolling runaway train.

We've laid our hands a previous cassette release, but there is talk of a new CD in the near future.

The first track MAKING LOVE TO THE WEATHERMAN is a bluegrass walk through an acid-rain drenched harbourside park, filled with love, romance and some BHP-laced fallout.

BLACK RAIN, with its mandolin picking and acoustic guitar rhythm features PETE BUFO doing an Australian folk-tinged shanty about reconciliation.

The rhythmic chugga-chugga from drummer PETE MOFFAT on THE L&N is a tongue-in-cheek song about 'livin' and lovin' the coal dust' from the coal cars which, sadly, 'don't stop here anymore'. They might be pulling our leg, but on this song complete with train-whistle sound-alike pedal steel, courtesy of guitarist MUDGE, there's no denying this band knows its genres.

The stand-out track is CAROLINE, sung by bass playing CHRIS WASH, a barely-there ballad drummed out on brushes, and sung with genuine pain.

It's a lapsteel-driven heartbreaker about a childhood sweet heart, with a refrain 'you're drivin' me mental' that'll get you all choked up. TE

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