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New Band, New Ideas, New Tour

New Band, New Ideas, New Tour

Who: The Devoted Few, Aquaplane
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday February 12, 2005

LAST September marked the end of an era for BEN FLETCHER. The singer/songwriter announced his departure from Sydney outfit BLUEBOTTLE KISS 11 years after he joined the band.

Fletcher made the decision to concentrate on his songwriting and work with his other band, THE DEVOTED FEW. The band, which began as a side project for Fletcher in 2001, has become his priority.

``It was kind of hard to have an outlet in Bluebottle Kiss because there was a main songwriter and he did it all,'' Fletcher said.

``When you've got a lot of ideas in your own head it's hard to repress them so I made this band up.

``I had become 100 per cent focused on The Devoted Few by the time I recorded my last album with Bluebottle Kiss so it was an easy decision.'' The Devoted Few hit the road last week to complete a tour backing its second album Billboard Noises, released in August last year.

It will begin in Brisbane on Friday and bring the band to Newcastle at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on Saturday night.

Fletcher said the band would test a couple of new tracks on which he had been working for its the band's third third album.

In the meantime, Fletcher has been compiling a remix EP which is set to feature songs from Billboard Noises reworked by the likes of SARAH BLASKO, CENTIPEDE, BLACK CAB and PATRIARCH. ``I've always liked good remixes of songs so I just asked all my friends who are in bands that I knew who had Pro Tools or remix programs if they would be interested,'' Fletcher said.

``I just told them they could do whatever they wanted with our songs and kind of encouraged them to record over the top of them and inject themselves into it somehow.'' The results will be featured on a new EP which will include a revamped version of The Devoted Few's early song Sleepless with legendary Australian producer TIM WHITTEN. lw5 The Devoted Few will be joined by AQUAPLANE on Saturday night.

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