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Atomica Single Launch

Atomica Single Launch

Who: Atomica, The Healing Art
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday May 1, 2004

CRUNCHING CRED ATOMICA aren't your average rock band. In fact, the up-and-coming quartet prefer to avoid the rock tag all together.

Since surfacing in 2003, Atomica has demonstrated an ability to successfully fuse electronica, progressive house, rock, pop and metal. Atomica have maintained a clear musical direction, aiming to tie together elements of rock music and dance music with credible results. ``This not not a rock band that wants to sound modern by adding some tacky technology,'' the band explained. ``Nor is it a dance band that wants to appeal to a wider audience by chucking a few piss-weak guitars into the mix.''

Atomica describes their sound as ``crunching guitar power pop interwoven with banging house beats and hard-core electronica''. ``We combine the absolute honesty of the latest progressive house and traditional rock, retaining the credible elements of both and not diluting either, which is usually the case with most bands who attempt this combination.''

Atomica is fronted by powerhouse vocalist SHERIDAN NELSON, who shares the stage alongside guitarist DAVE LESLIE (formerly of BABY ANIMALS ), keyboardist and guitarist ROB TAYLOR, and drummer KAI CHAMBERS.

Atomica will launch their debut single, Flavours, at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on Saturday night. Doors open at 9pm and Atomica will be supported by THE HEALING ART. Tickets are $12 and will be available on the door.

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