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A Record in Fussy Creation

A Record in Fussy Creation

Who: El Mopa, Purplene
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday August 10, 2002

FOR many bands, an album is like a baby. They can't leave it alone for five minutes and fuss over it constantly.

For Sydney's EL MOPA, fussing over their new 'baby' was such a problem that it caused a long delay in the album's release.

But after six months of tinkering with the technical side of things, the band has put the album to bed and is ready for its release.

'For almost a year now we have been getting it together pretty slowly,' said frontman SIMON WOOLDRIDGE. 'It was the sort of thing where we could just keep going with it and we just had to decide to pull up and say that's enough".'

Fans of the band will be well acquainted with El Mopa's mellow stylings, but if the new album's first single DONE BY DEGREES is anything to go by, the band has picked up the pace.

Although Wooldridge concedes the album is similar to the debut, the band has introduced more of a rock sound.

'People got the impression that the first record was completely slow-core, but there was rock songs on it,' Wooldridge said.

'This one has more rock elements to it, but I guess it's the demands of playing live and you just sometimes want to get up there and make some noise.'

El Mopa will make its return to Newcastle for the launch of the new single at the NORTHERN STAR HOTEL on Saturday night.

El Mopa will be joined by PURPLENE. The new album will be released in September.

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