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Perth Collective Turns The Page

Perth Collective Turns The Page

Who: The Dave Mann Collective, The Zeal Room
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday June 11, 2005

PERTH lad Dave Mann has discovered you don't need to travel to a big city to gain recognition.

The emerging blues and roots artist is on his first national tour to promote the release of his debut album and has found even those in some of the most remote areas of Australia are keen to listen.

Even up as far as the Kimberleys.

``We played at a festival in Kunnunurra which is the most north eastern town of Western Australia,'' Mann said.

``It's a big festival up there well, it isn't actually that big but for Kunnunurra it is and we played to a few thousand people.

``We sold out of all our CDs too which was good.

They get very little up there but when you do go, they really appreciate it.'' The Dave Mann Collective, which comprises Mann on vocals and guitar, Roy Martinez on bass and Jade Masters on drums, has been building toward this tour for some time.

Initially a one-man project, Mann formed the group after honing his talent as a soloist in Perth.

After a few line-up changes the outfit was completed when Martinez and Masters joined full- time.

The band's debut album Endless Page was recorded independently about a year ago but it was only this week that the album was finally released.

``As a band we haven't had the luxury of touring simply from a cost point of view. I have mostly toured solo,'' Mann said.

``So this is the start of lots of touring for the whole band. All the guys are super keen to keep touring because we all love it and have such a good time on the road.

``We've never actually played in Sydney or Newcastle before so this is the big one.

``This next leg of the tour is all going to be new territory for us so it's gonna be interesting.

We're going to be testing new water.'' The Dave Mann Collective perform at the Northern Star Hotel on Saturday night with The Zeal Room.

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