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Nugent Strikes  Out On His Own

Nugent Strikes Out On His Own

Who: Sime Nugent, Matt Walker, Ashley Davies
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Friday October 28, 2005

SIME NUGENT has performed on 10 albums but despite this he remains a relatively unrecognised face on the Australian music scene.

Originating from Melbourne, Nugent cut his teeth playing and recording with many bands before releasing his debut solo album Broke and Banned: Songs of Sime Nugent this year.

His first band Sedan, which featured members of Jet and Pete Murray's band, released two albums over six years.

Nugent also performed with the Forefathers and established an overseas following with renowned a cappella outfit Acapelicans. Now Nugent travels as a soloist with an extensive repertoire.

When he recorded Broke and Banned the singer-songwriter called in the likes of Angie Hart (Frente), J Walker (Machine Translations) and Pat Bourke (Dallas Crane) to help out. ``I tried to leave the songs up on stilts or gut the middle of them. I wanted to leave the point and quit the pagent,'' Nugent said. ``I guess it's a lot more raw than the last couple of albums with the Forefathers. It didn't seem like the right time for bells and whistles,'' Nugent said. ``Grief is quite beautiful for the humility it serves up; dangerous too ... unruly.``I think I was trying to use the instruments in this way. It felt like the right thing to do while the world was turning upside down.'' Nugent will soon be supporting Matt Walker and Ashley Davies on a national tour.

He will perform at the Northern Star Hotel on Friday night.

Tickets cost $10 at the door.

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