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A Second Effort Puts Group In The Picture

A Second Effort Puts Group In The Picture

Who: The Pictures, Cotton Sidewalk, The Exploders
Where: Northern Star Hotel
When: Saturday March 18, 2006

LAST year should have been a good one for Davey Lane when his band The Pictures released its debut album Pieces of Eight. Instead the album failed to rustle up much attention and long-time drummer Brett Wolfenden departed.

Lane felt his band was stereotyped before many had even had the chance to hear what they had to offer.

``I'm not the whingeing type but it does kind of get me a little bit down when people are quick to pigeonhole things and to compare us to You Am I or Jet,'' Lane said.

``People have a pre-conceived idea of what we're going to sound like before they've even heard us. It's just one of those things I guess.'' Lane, who also plays guitar in You Am I, hopes to start recording material for The Pictures' next album in between commitments with his other band. You Am I recently signed a deal with EMI and will release a new album at the end of April. ``We've got about 15 songs already that are good enough but I want to write 25 or 30 just so we've got a lot of choice there.

``We did end up having about 20 songs to work with on the first record but a few of those songs we had released on EPs and stuff before so people who liked the band and went out to buy the record knew what they were getting almost before they took it home to listen to it. ``It will be good to make a record that entirely hasn't been heard before.'' Lane and fellow Pictures members Luke Thomas (bass) and Johnny T (drums) have been working up a handful of new tunes, including the new radio track All My Ties. ``I'm kind of feeling a little more positive about the band than I was a little while ago just because we do have a bunch of new songs and we do think they're really good.

``I wouldn't exactly look at the last year and putting out our first record as a bit of a false start but it will be good to just start again with a clean slate.'' The Pictures will play at the Northern Star Hotel on Saturday night with fellow Melbourne lads The Exploders and Newcastle's Cotton Sidewalk in support.

Tickets cost $10 at the door.

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